High Lights of the Silver Strand Marina HOA Board Meeting March 4, 2014

This report is based on notes which Nora Nicosia, SSMHOA Board member kindly sent me as I was unable to attend.


Homeowner Bill Boyd presented a diagram of a small public park which the City of Los Angeles intends to build on a vacant lot on Via Dolce, just north of the Ballona Lagoon and facing the Grand Canal. The park is part of Bill Rosendahl’s original initiative to place small parks on City owned lots. A discussion ensued with a consensus that the park should have a children’s playground area. The Board appointed Board member Eric Beane, with the assistance of Bill Boyd, to work with the City on SSMHOA’s involvement in planning for  the project.

Bill Boyd and his daughter, Cassie Boyd did a presentation on two Los Angeles County’s building proposals on Via Marina: the Legacy Apartment complex and a Marriott hotel. Cassie expressed concerns about emergency evacuation from the Silver Strand and traffic impact if these projects go forward. She also mentioned that the proposed Marriott will block the views of condo owners in the Strand Colony on the west side of Via Marina. Cassie also pointed out that part of the Legacy Apartment project is sited on a parcel originally designated as a public park and open space. The Board said that it cannot take a position on development on Via Marina but can inform residents on what is happening.

Homeowner Michael Greenberg presented  photographs of places on the Ballona Lagoon path which are deteriorating due to homeowners overwatering. The Board asked Bali Management to send letters, along with the photographs, to those homeowners on Roma Court responsible requesting that they adjust their sprinkler timers.


Sandy Gooch, Board Member and Chair of the Landscape Committee said that SSMHOA needs to step up efforts to deal with people allowing their dogs to urinate and defecate on the Malls. She suggested that SSMHOA start by paying for signs on Lighthouse Mall which is heavily used by dog owners requesting that they leash their dogs, keep them off the grass and clean up after them. SSMHOA agreed to pay for 2 signs on Lighthouse to see how effective this kind of signage is. Bali Management was asked to obtain proposals for putting synthetic grass, which does not require watering and is impervious to dogs doing their business, on the entrances to those Malls which do not already have same.


Patty Schnegg, Board Member and Chair of Security reported that the Security Systems Patrol Officers have been asked to notify homeowners who have left their garage door open and to pick up newspapers lying outside of homes.


Board member, Richard Cervantes gave a report on repairs needed on the Ballona Lagoon path.  He has obtained bids on the project and the Board authorized him to accept one of them. Homeowner, Michael Greenberg has been assisting Richard in this.  Richard also said that the water pressure cleaning has been completed on the SSMHOA side of the fence and painting will start soon.


Richard Cervantes reported that he,  Bill Boyd and Nora Nicosia met prior to the Board meeting and decided to hold five Block Meetings in April and May  giving homeowners the opportunity to learn how to prepare for a catastrophe including earthquakes and tsunamis. Bill is a CERT trained expert in emergency preparedness and will preside at each of the meetings which will be announced in the blog. Homeowner and Block Captain, Penny Akashi, has agreed to coordinate the meetings.


Nora Nicosia, Chair of the Block Captain Committee, reported that plans are underway for the mini-Block parties held during the summer leading up to the Annual SSMHOA Block party in September. She commended Block Captain Cindy Carlin for organizing these events. Five of the 10 Malls have already decided on the dates of their parties, the first of which will take place in May 2014 and be announced in the blog.


Eric Beane, Board Member and Founding Chair of the new SSMHOA Children’s Activities Committee reported that he has sent out a spread sheet to all Block Captains asking them to furnish him with information about homeowners with children and has begun to receive replies. The Little Free Library project is already underway. The box has been ordered and Nora’s grandson, Luc, has volunteered to help install it. Eric will plan an opening ceremony for same. The suggestion was made that the first box  be placed on Outrigger Mall.


The Board approved a measure to repair the back flow devices on Ketch, Lighthouse and Mast Malls.

Board Member Nora Nicosia asked about  emergency situations regarding the sprinkler system.  Block Captains and homeowners have reported that there are instances where the sprinkler systems on their Malls go off at the wrong times and/or don’t turn off automatically as they should.  Debbie Schneider of Bali Management said that they have a 24 hour service which can respond to these problems.

The next regular SSMHOA Board Meeting will take place on at 7:30pm, Monday, May 12, 2014. Location and Agenda to be announced.


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One Response to High Lights of the Silver Strand Marina HOA Board Meeting March 4, 2014

  1. Marilyn Hopkins says:

    For Cassie Boyd: Thanks so much for the work you are doing. I am a resident of Neptune
    Marina, and yesterday, Sunday, 16 Mar, it took 3/4 of an hour to drive from Lincoln to
    the Venice Library. In case of an emergency, thousands of people will be stranded here in
    the Marina, stuck in a gridlocked traffic jam!
    Marilyn Hopkins

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