Report on 2nd Silver Strand Meeting on Emergency Preparedness on April 19. 2013

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEmergency Preparedness Meeting April 19, 2014. Photograph Clarissa Cervantes

On Saturday April 19th, the second in a series of Silver Strand Emergency Preparedness meetings took place on Spinnaker Mall.  The meeting was coordinated by Nora Nicosia, Chair of the Block Captain Committee and Block Captains Clarissa Cervantes and Penny Akashi.  Residents from Topsail Mall, Spinnaker Mall, Reef Mall and Roma Court attended and learned about preparing our families and homes in the event of  a disaster. The meeting was led by Bill Boyd, a CERT trained homeowner. Other members of the SSMHOA board and Emergency Preparedness Committee participated in this important community education event. Dr. David Eisenman, a Silver Strand homeowner,  UCLA Faculty member who is a published expert on disaster planning.  discussed the need to develop a “resilient” community in Marina del Rey, in the event of a major catastrophe, specifically an earthquake/tsunami. This is the second presentation given by Bill Boyd and Dr. Eisenman to Silver Strand residents.  If you missed the first two meetings, there will be two additional Emergency Preparedness meetings in the near future.


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