Mountain Lion/Cougar: Warning to Silver Strand Residents with Small Pets

 A small mountain lion or possibly a cougar has been recently spotted on Lighthouse Mall and the remains of cats, a favorite food for these creatures, have been found on Northstar Mall. Cats and small dogs are easy prey for these animals which have recently been seen in Santa Monica and Venice (at Pacific and Mildred). Most likely they are coming down from the Santa Monica Mountains. They were in our neighborhood long before we were. So, be careful out there, especially when walking your dog at night, and keep your cats indoors.


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7 Responses to Mountain Lion/Cougar: Warning to Silver Strand Residents with Small Pets

  1. Juju says:

    My visiting friend saw a bobcat out our back window at 7:30am two weeks ago. We live just above Lincoln near Brooks/Lake St. Fran is a hunter, so knows her animals. This morning I saw two big cats out my front window at 6am. Their loud cry lifted me out of my seat as one was being territorial with the other. I watched them for a few minutes, and they looked like small panthers rather than bobcats. I’ve heard that is possible. I’m worried about the cats in my Venice neighborhood.

  2. Suzanne Presnell says:

    Is there danger of attacks at night only?

  3. Clancy Goode says:

    Having lived for years in Mandeville Canyon with the Santa Monica Mountains as my back yard, and having all kinds of visits from Deer, Coyotes and Bobcats, Rattlesnakes, I would guess a Bobcat. What with our lack of rain and our heat wave I’m sure they are looking outside for what they lack in the mountain. Just keep small children and animals safe and with you at all times.

    Clancy Goode

  4. Roger Moore says:

    Hi, I LOVE your blog! I read every article. I’s nice that some takes the time to write about the neighborhood.
    A mountain lion is a cougar. They are just two different names for the same animal. And I would doubt that this is a lion. There are only one or two left in the Santa Monicas, both of which are radio collared. If this is any sort of wild cat it would be a bobcat. Or possibly an escaped exotic.
    Many witnesses who have never seen a wild cat inflate their bobcat sighting to mountain lion size. It’s understandable when people see something unfamiliar.
    The typical male mountain lion weighs in over 100 lbs. A bobcat weighs about 20 lbs. That is the weight of a beagle.
    Whomever saw the feline should definitely count themselves lucky. They move with great stealth and mostly at night.
    I would assume it was ranging away from Ballona Wetlands but would just be speculating at this point. There is a sizable population of coyotes and other critters there. It’s pretty. But I’ve never seen a paw print that I thought was even a bobcat over there.

  5. William Boyd says:

    I believe a mountain lion and cougar are different names for the same animal. Small children are at risk as well as small pets.

  6. William Boyd says:

    A warning to parents not to leave small children unattended should also be given.

    Sent from my iPad—-William Boyd


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