Highlights of the Silver Strand Marina Homeowners Regular Board Meeting July 7, 2014


SSMHOA BOARD AT WORK: July 7, 2014. Left to right: SSMHOA Board Members: Mary-Dorothy Line, Richard Cervantes, Richard Lysle, Eric Beane, Fred Karlsen, Debbie Schneider and Sandy Gooch. Nora Nicosia seated in red chair, foreground.

Bali Management agreed to contact the City about repairing the bad pothole on Via Dolce and Roma.

Sandy Gooch, Chair of the Landscaping Committee, reports that she has been walking the Malls every week with Ray Garcia, SSMHOA landscaping contractor. The Spring planting and tree trimming have been completed. Artificial grass as been installed at the entrance to Quarterdeck Mall in addition to other Malls severely affected by residents allowing their dogs to urinate in those locations. Water-saving MP rotors have been placed on 8 Malls.

Nora Nicosia, Chair of the Block Captain Committee, said that this year’s mini-Block parties have been very successful. Still to come are the Bastille Day party hosted by Mast and Northstar Malls on July 14 and the Reef/Quarterdeck party on October 12, 2014. Outrigger and Privateer Malls have not yet set a date for their party.

Richard Lysle, Chair of the Street Committee, reports that the repairs to the brick paving on the Lighthouse mini-Mall have been completed.

Richard Cervantes, Chair of the Emergency Preparedness Committee said that they will have a table at the Silver Strand Annual Block Party on September 7, 2014. Richard, with the help of Bill Boyd, Penny Akashi and Nora Nicosia, organized two very informative meetings for homeowners earlier this year. A third meeting is being planned for October.

Eric Beane, Chair of the Kid’s Activities Committee reported that The Little Free Library on Outrigger Mall is now installed and open. He and Block Captain, Rachel Small, have been checking on the box and say that it is definitely being used.

The Kaplan twins

Fred Karlsen, SSMHOA President, said that the SSMHOA ANNUAL MEETING will take place on either October 1 or October 8, 2014, depending on the availability of the meeting room at Del Rey Yacht Club.

The next Regular SSMHOA Board meeting is scheduled for 7:30pm, Monday, September 22, 2014 at 131 Quarterdeck Mall. Agenda to be announced.


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