The Silver Strand News is adding a Community Bulletin Board to our Site


Gustave Caillebotte (Fr.1848-1894). The Floor Scrapers, 1875. Courtesy and Collection Musee d’Orsay, Paris.

Silver Strand News is adding a Community Bulletin Board  to our site. We are starting small with home services and will see how it goes. We may expand to other things like items for sale or free, garage sales and so on. But for the moment….

Here’s how it works:

 1) Readers can contribute recommendations about various home services including termite exterminators,  plumbers, electricians, roofers, painters, handymen, floor repairs and installation, window washers, landscaping, gardeners, upholsterers, window shade and carpet cleaners, etc.

 2) Readers can ask for recommendations on services.

 3) Rules of the road: The Silver Strand News disclaims any and all liability for readers’ recommendations and does not endorse any particular recommendation. In other words, caveat emptor no life-guard on duty, swim at your own risk. If you are doing serious repairs, we highly recommend that you check the company’s business license, get several bids and detailed written estimates from each for the job.

 4) Hypothetical Post: We recently had to install new carpeting in our home. We used Expert Carpeting at 4500 Carpeting Lane, Carpetland ,CA…… Their website is:…………… (if they have one). Their phone number is:………………. Recommended contact:….. (if you worked with someone in particular). Their showroom had a great variety carpet samples in various price ranges. Their representative worked with us patiently, and came to our home to take measurements before submitting a bid. She also came at the completion of the job to make sure that all went well. We were thoroughly satisfied with their work which was completed in 1 day. They were timely and professional and the cost of the job including moving heavy furniture, removing and taking away the old carpet was fair and exactly matched their written bid. We were provided with instructions about how to care for the carpeting.


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3 Responses to The Silver Strand News is adding a Community Bulletin Board to our Site

  1. Steve T says:

    Ok, here’s the first review and without a doubt I wholeheartedly can recommend this company with a five star rating: J&P Painting. I needed to paint my house and had four different bids. Bob from J&B came in 60% lower than the other estimates. Of course I was skeptical, but since a buddy of mine used his crew on his house on Outrigger, I decided to go with him. All I can say is that these guys were amazing. They were on time, totally professional, super clean, very nice and, most importantly, my paint job is amazing. In fact, I’m using them again this week to do some touch up work inside my house. Their website is and the owner, Bob, can be reached at 818-324-9267. Tell him that Steve from Topsail Mall sent you.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wonderful idea !!

  3. Nora Nicosia says:

    Delighted that you got it up and running………Congrats………Nora

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