Highlights of the Silver Strand Art Group visit to Heaven and Earth: Art of Byzantium at the Getty ViIlla

   The Silver Strand Art Group toured the Heaven and Earth: Art of Byzantium, a critically acclaimed exhibition at the Getty Villa on July 28, 2014. While attendance was small, no doubt due to the fact that many residents go on vacation in July and August, the group had a wonderful time and enjoyed a delicious lunch in the Getty cafe.


Nora Nicosia, a co-chair of the group, reports that: For me what make it different is that Marilee [Karlsen] gave us a tour of the newer gardens, a short history of what they plants meant to the period and what they used many of them for in their diet.  She is an excellent docent

Cassie Hermiston-Boyd said: I loved the private garden tour that Marilee gave us. She carefully explained how certain herbs were used to ease stomach pain and childbirth (yeah right on the childbirth). Some leaves we’re used as bandages in battles. The natural oils believed to suppress the bleeding and heal wounds.
I particularly found the Byzantine jewelry to be the most interesting. In Byzantine culture they held moralistic beliefs that extravagant lifestyles should be shunned. However the practice was very different among the elite who spent and lived lavishly by custom designing jewelry and mosaics for their magnificent villas.

Thanks to Clarissa Cervantes for her photograph.


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