Proposed Mariner’s Village, Marina del Rey Renovation

Ludivine V Yelp

Mariner’s Village landscaping showing mature Pine Trees and Bottle Brush. Courtesy ludivine v.

Courtes Alek Solo

One of the ponds at Mariner’s Village. Courtesy Alek Solo

  As many of you know, E.S. Ring (aka Marina Admiralty Company), the lessee of Mariner’s Village has submitted a plan to renovate the complex which would result in : demolishing the existing mature landscaping consisting of 1000 trees, ponds with ducks, turtles and Koi, and waterfalls; destruction of the last Great Blue Heron rookery in the Marina along with the habitats of many other bird species which nest there; opening up the waterfront path around the complex to the public and placing an anchorage in a dangerous location at the narrow entrance point to the main channel. In addition, the developer is planning to redo the exterior of the buildings. Mariner’s Village is one of the few historically important places in Marina del Rey – it was designed by the distinguished architect Peter Kamnitzer in 1972 and is a beautiful example of the modernist idea of merging indoor spaces with outdoor landscaping.

Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron and chicks at Mariner’s Village. Photo by Lina Shanklin Courtesy Save the Great Blue Herons in the Ballona Valley, Facebook

   You may not live in Mariner’s Village, although many Silver Strand homeowners have lived there at one time and remember it fondly, this issue is important. Whether you rent or own in Marina del Rey, the Silver Strand  the Venice Peninsula or Los Angeles and/or enjoy recreation in this publicly owned land, the Marina Harbor is our version of New York’s Central Park or the Boston Common. The County operates as a fiduciary in  managing this publicly owned land. Every time we allow the County to make a deal with the devil in order to generate income by rubber-stamping developers’ plans that negatively impact the Marina and adjacent communities, either through inattention or negligence, we have only ourselves to blame for the result. “The Shores” is a perfect example of the County’s vision for the Marina and there is more to come. The developer of Mariner’s Village is currently being asked to submit a revised Environmental Impact Review (which includes historical significance). So, if you missed the public meetings and private meetings on the planned renovation, you can still participate in protesting this particular project  by sending a letter or email on or before September 26, 2014 to:

 Attn: Ms. Anita Gutierrez, AICP
County of Los Angeles Department of Regional Planning’
Special Projects Section
320 West Temple Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Telephone (213) 974-4813
Fax (213) 626-0434

Please include this information in your email or letter:

Project Title: Mariners Village Renovation Project
County Project Number: R2013-02476-(4) Environmental Review No. 201300204
State Clearinghouse Number:  2013111041
Applicant:     Marina Admiralty Company

Please send a copy of your email to:

Zev Yarovlavsky: ( Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors) 3rd District which includes Venice).

Don Knabe (Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors) 4th District which includes Marina del Rey. He is difficult to contact via email. Best bet:

Rick Velasque, Chief of Staff (213) 974-4444

Your letter or email will become part of the public record. Please write from the heart. You can ask them to make studies and analyses that back up the need for renovations, to come up with a less environmentally damaging  plan and to consider the historic significance of Mariner’s Village in terms of its landscape and architecture.


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