Debut of the Silver Strand Kids Activity Group a big Success:


The Silver Strand Kids Activity Group held its first big event, a day at the beach, on Saturday, September 20, 2014. The event was organized by SSMHOA Board member, Eric Beane, also Chair of the Kids Activity Group, Block Captain Beth Holden-Garland and homeowner Jessica Schwarz.  Homeowners Laurie Chryss and her husband Brady Connell designed the flyer. Gary Garland, along with the organizers, helped with the set-up and Nora Nicosia, Board Member was an advisor. Close to fifty parents and kids, ranging from toddlers to teenagers attended.


The sky was cloudy, but that didn’t deter those wanting to come. Around 11am, parents and kids could be seen pulling little wagon and strollers,  loaded of beach toys and picnic lunches,  along Roma Court and making their way up to the entryway to the Lighthouse Bridge. From there they walked to the beach and set up camp near the water.


The Silver Strand Kids Activity Group begins to assemble on Venice Beach. This could be a 19th-century French landscape Painting.


Silver Strand Kids Getting to Know each Other

 There were all kinds of activities for every age group:

Sand Castle Building:


A Mermaid wearing a bikini.


A Whale of a Whale

Completed Squid

A Fabulous Giant Squid

Kite Flying:


Daddy, make it move!


Daddy did his magic. It moved.

There was a lot of hula hooping:


A beginner tries it out



The Experts do their Thing

-11 -15

Egg and Spoon Game: A conga line starts to form:


Touch Football:


Eric Bean (right) leads the game.


Water balloon Players at the Ready

A Sweet Ending to a Sweet Event. The prizes, provided by Beth Holden-Garland, are handed out to the winners by her son Jackson.


If you would like to join the Silver Strand Kids Group and be notified of future events, please leave a comment below.






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2 Responses to Debut of the Silver Strand Kids Activity Group a big Success:

  1. Nora Nicosia says:

    Another great report by Sand Starr on a delightful new activity for Silver Strand Parents……….Keep tuned for many more…………Nora Nicosia

  2. Jackson says:

    It was definitely a fun day! Look forward to the next!!! 🙂

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