Silver Strand Event concerning Marina del Rey, Friday, October 3, 2014

Great Blue Heron

If you missed the first event on September 19 in the Silver Strand, here is a second opportunity to discuss issues of concern to you and other residents regarding Marina del Rey and what can be done about it.

Silver Strand Residents & Friends

 Please join us for Wine, Appetizers, and Dinner

 Friday, October 3rd  6:30 arrivals for drinks / appetizers / dinner and 7:30 pm discussion

4103 Roma Court, Marina Del Rey

Hosted by: Beth & Gary Garland (Silver Strand homeowners) & Marcia Hanscom (Ballona Institute), Kirsten Welles & Elise Hicks

To Discuss:

Protecting our Marina and the proposed Mariner’s Village Development Impact on our neighborhood / community / environment

Subjects of Concern:

  • Crime prevention when proposed shopping center and 92-boat marina attract huge number of visitors (think Venice Boardwalk) to a quiet residential area
  • Fighting proposed 24 hour restrooms and showers at the end of the peninsula
  • Environmental Legal Support
  • Protecting the Great Blue Heron
  • Contributions and fundraising for Legal Support
  • How to proceed as a community
  • Preventing another “Shores” property or worse.  An added development of 7,000 sq feet of commercial retail space plus construction of boat docks to accommodate 92 boat slips)

Please RSVP to Beth Holden-Garland or leave a comment below


About The Silver Strand News

Resident of the Silver Strand, Marina del Rey, California
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5 Responses to Silver Strand Event concerning Marina del Rey, Friday, October 3, 2014

  1. Daryl says:

    Sorry, got cut off with my first attempt. Let me first commend the Silver Strand News, which I discovered only a few months ago – tremendous job.
    Questions: While I’ve been long following MdR’s “destruction plan”, I have yet to see anyone, at least in print, raise plans for disaster evacuation and propose the County could incur some liability with some 7K min cars attempting to escape simultaneously. Those of us on the strand and peninsula are fairly well doomed. Why?
    The Shores was originally approved for 5 stories; it’s actually 7. Is that to say the County, et al., distinguishes between residential and commercial usage for the same structure? I’ve noticed other mixed use structures with the same discrepancies in the Venice area. How and why?
    What will it take to convince the Coast Guard to 1) Increase the decibels for their warning siren? It’s useless unless you’re listening for it, and completely worthless with closed double and triple-paned glass. In the same vein, a 15 min alert is hardly sufficient time to get well east of Lincoln, even if one were prepared. With today’s technology, this critical issue should be easy to fix. Why hasn’t it been?

  2. Jill Nesane says:

    Hi that sounded very nice but the event was on Yom Kippor

    Sent from my iPad


  3. Thank you for the invitation. Count me in!
    Cynthia Whitham
    4600 Via Dolce

  4. Tigre Sheets says:

    Sorry we can not make this. Wish I had know about it sooner

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