Documents You Should Review in Connection with the proposed Venice Plant Dual Force Sewer line on Via Marina, Marina Del Rey

The documents listed below are from the Los Angeles Department of Engineering.  They spell out the impact of the proposed sewer line route on Via Marina and the Silver Strand very specifically (and in several cases contradictorily). They will download in Adobe Reader PDF. While you may find the number of pages is intimidating remember that Adobe Reader allows to you search within the document for specific words by pressing “Command” and then “Find.”  Search word suggestions:

aesthetics; seismic hazards; Silver Strand;  trees; geology; methane; gas wells; scenic view; noise; microtunnelling, etc.

You should review them before attending the meeting at Burton Chace Park on October 22 (see previous post)  and make notes re questions you want to ask officials at the meeting.

DEIR Venice Pumping Plant

Notice of Preparation and Initial Study

Venice Dual Force Main Project Map

Final Environmental Impact Report

Mitigation Monitoring Program

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One Response to Documents You Should Review in Connection with the proposed Venice Plant Dual Force Sewer line on Via Marina, Marina Del Rey

  1. Anonymous says:

    This proposed activity by the Department of Public Works would decrease the property values of everyone living in the Silver Strand community. We should all then be able to file for a property tax rebate.

    All alternatives need to be investigated regarding this thoughtless direction of the project.

    The triangle Coral trees help to dilute the untoward ugly look of the blue and red Shores apartment complex. The Coral trees welcome visitors and homeowners into the Silver Strand community. They have been in the triangle for decades. How does an entity get the right to obliterate historical beauty and change the look of the entrance to our Silver Strand Community and the driving entrance to the channel? How can a multitude of historical Coral trees be eliminated by the channel? Again, they set the stage for visitors to view nature and then observe the channel as they round the bend. It is a photographer’s dream which could soon be turned into a nightmare.

    Sandy Gooch

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