Highlights of the Annual Silver Strand Marina Homeowners Association Meeting, October 1, 2014

 The 2014 Annual SSMHOA meeting took place at the Del Rey Yacht Club on October 1, 2014 at 7pm. An estimated 50 homeowners attended.


The 2013-14 SSMHOA Board (left to right): Richard Cervantes; Nora Nicosia, Mary-Dorothy Line[behind Nora]; Patrica Schnegg; Fred Karlsen, President of SSMHOA; Eric Beane; Richard Lysle and Sandy Gooch.


Homeowners Brenda Kronsberg and Eileen Nugent attending the meeting

Homeowner Suzi Greenberg, foreground, Fred Karlsen and Bill Boyd

Homeowner Suzi Greenberg, foreground, Fred Karlsen and Bill Boyd

Guest Speakers:

There were three guest speakers. The first two were Autumn Burke and Ted Grose, the Democratic and Republican candidates running for office in the California State Assembly, 62nd Assembly District.


Autumn Burke, Democrat and Ted Grose, Republican, Candidates for the California Assembly at the SSMHOA meeting

Democratic Candidate, AutumnBurke, grew up in the world of politics. Her mother is the distinguished retired politician Yvonne Brathwaite Burke who served as member of the of U.S. Congress, a Los Angeles County Supervisor and a member of the California State Assembly. Autumn said that, as a resident of Marina del Rey,  she is very familiar with Los Angeles County and community issues and promised to work with us on our concerns. She intends to promote solutions to making our schools better, creating affordable housing and encouraging small business development. She is currently the owner of a consulting group which focuses on business development, community outreach and energy efficiency.

For more information see:http://burkeforassembly.com


Fred Karlsen, President SSMHOA and Autumn Burke

Republican Candidate, Ted Grose, lives in Westchester. His career has been in the real estate industry. He spoke about creating new jobs and making it easier for small businesses to operate in the District by working to remove regulations that hamper business success. He will work to divert money from union bosses and administrators that can be used to improve education. For more information see: http://www.ted4ca.com/

The third speaker was Marcia Hanscom, Executive Director of the Ballona Institute.



Marcia Hanscom, Executive Director of the Ballona Institute, at the SSMHOA meeting.

Marcia discussed Marina Admiralty Company’s proposed renovation of Mariner’s Village on Via Marina and its negative impact on the ecology of our neighborhood including the destruction of nesting sites for the Great Blue Heron and other species who have nested on the site for over forty years. The developer has estimated that the renovation, which calls for the removal of all the existing mature landscaping, including a thousand trees and ponds which are home to hundreds of fish and turtles, will take ten years. It will involve not only the destruction of nesting sites, but increased air pollution for residents. In addition, the project would coincide with the replacement of the Venice Dual Force Pumping line on Via Marina resulting in a traffic nightmare on Via Marina.

Committee Chair  Reports:

Nora Nicosia, Chair of the Block Captain Committee introduced members of the Committee, asking them to stand and  thanking them for their efforts over the past year. They were applauded by the Board and members of the audience. She remarked on the success of the Annual Neighborhood party, the mini-Block parties, the Emergency Preparedness Committee educational sessions, the Art Tours and the Block Captains’ participation in the  Kid’s Activity Group including the Day at the Beach and the Little Free Library.

Richard Cervantes, Chair of the Emergency Preparedness Committee, introduced Committee members, Nora Nicosia, Penny Akashi, Bill Boyd and Dr. David Eisenman. He said that the EP Committee has held two educational sessions this year and is planning a third on November 1. See post of October 9, 2014.

Eric Beane, Chair of the Kid’s Activity Committee reported on the tremendous success of the Beach Day Event on October 7, 2014. He said that the Little Free Library, installed this year on Outrigger mini-Mall, has been very active with parents and kids taking books and leaving books [This is the only Little Free Library in the Marina del Rey area]. He also stated that plans are in the works for a Community Garden for Silver Strand children and parents. The garden was approved by the Board at the regular SSMHOA Board meeting on Sept 22, 2014. Sandy Gooch, Chair of the Landscaping Committee is helping to implement this this [see below].

Sandy Gooch, Chair of the Landscaping Committee discussed the upcoming planting and tree trimming schedule. She reported that Alder trees in the Malls have been injected.”Keep off the Grass” dog signs have been installed in various Malls and residents have been urged to take their dogs to the Ballona Lagoon path to “relieve” themselves rather than doing so on the landscaped Malls. She said that due to improvements in the irrigation system, the SSMHOA water bill, a large expense,  will be cut by about 50%.

  In terms of time and research, Sandy has also been doing the heavy lifting on the planned Children’s Community Garden, a Kid’s Activity Committee project.  She reported that the garden, a narrow strip on the Mast mini-Mall, will be installed at little cost to homeowners, thanks to the generosity of  SSMHOA landscape contractor Ray Garcia and the non-profit “Growing Green” organization [ Following the Annual Meeting, Sandy confirmed that the first planning meeting on the garden will be in early 2015].

Patty Schnegg, Chair of the Security Committee reported that the few crimes reported in our neighborhood in the last year, mostly bicycle thefts, were due to homeowner negligence in leaving their garage doors open.

Richard Lysle, Chair of the Street Committee reported that SSMHOA homeowners will be receiving letters about trees and their roots which they have planted and  are damaging sidewalks in the common areas.

The Board thanked Sandra Starr for her work on the Silver Strand News blog and its benefit to the community.

Fred Karlsen, President of SSMHOA, gave a “State of the Community” address on the achievements of the Board to date in the past year, thanking Committee chairs, Block Captains and  homeowner volunteers for their work.

Following Fred’s address, Michael Greenberg, homeowner and former Board member, commented: “This is the best Board we have ever had!,” which was followed by applause from the audience.

Sandra Starr, publisher of the Silver Strand News, presented homeowner William Boyd with the 2014  Silver Strand News Volunteer of the Year Award. Bill has worked for several years as our representative on the Venice Neighbor Council and, as a CERT trained first responder, devoted many hours  to educating Silver Strand residents about the importance of Emergency Preparedness.

Silver Strand News Award 2

Sandra Starr presents the 2014 Silver Strand News Volunteer of the Year Award to Bill Boyd

Election results for the SSMHOA 2014-2015 Board of Directors.  HOA Elections of California, an independent organization, was hired by SSMHOA to handle the voting procedure. The election results for the new Directors of the  Board, in alphabetical order, are:

Eric Beane; Richard Cervantes; John Conner; Fred Karlsen; Gary Garland; Sandy Gooch; Mary-Dorothy Line; Joseph Nesane and Nora Nicosia.

The Board elected the following officers: Fred Karlsen, President; Richard Cervantes, Secretary and Mary-Dorothy Line, Treasurer.

The next regular SSMHOA Board Meeting will take place on Monday, October 20, 2014 at 7:30 pm at 125 Privateer Mall.

 With thanks to Marilee Karlsen for her photographs of this event.

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    Thanks again Sandy for your detailed, great reporting……….Nora Nicosia

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