Highlights of the regular SSMHOA Board Meeting, October 20, 2014

    Several residents attended the meeting to express their concerns about the City of Los Angeles’ proposal to install the Venice Dual Force auxiliary sewer line on Via Marina. In addition to many other issues, the  route will impact the landscaping, including two coral trees, on the Silver Strand Triangle Island on Marquesas Way at Via Dolce. Mary-Dorothy Line made a motion asking  Gary Garland, Board member, to draft a letter expressing SSMHOA’s concerns to Mike Bonin, 11th District City of Los Angeles Councilperson, who represents our community. The motion was approved unanimously. Following the meeting, a very strong and eloquent letter was sent to Bonin on October 30, 2014, detailing the serious problems which would affect Silver Strand residents if this route makes it through the permitting process.

     Fred Karlsen, SSMHOA President, announced that John Conner, a long-standing and very dedicated member of the Board has resigned. The Board unanimously voted to appoint Patty Schnegg, who previously served on the Board for many years, to replace him. The Board also voted to continue the following Committees and Chairs: Block Captains, Nora Nicosia; Emergency Preparedness, Richard Cervantes; Kids Activities, Eric Beane; Landscaping, Sandy Gooch and  Security Patty Schnegg. Newly elected Board member Joseph Nesane was appointed Chair of  Common area Streets and Walks Committee.  A new Government Relations Committee was established by the Board and recently elected Board member Gary Garland was appointed Chair.

    Sandy Gooch, Landscaping Chair, reported that tree trimming has almost been completed. She said that the installation of a raised-bed Growing Great Silver Strand Community Garden on a 3-foot section at the north side of the Mast mini-Mall is tentatively planned to begin in late February or early March, 2015. Following the first harvest, parents and kids who have participated in the project will be invited to prepare a celebratory meal from the garden’s bounty at Sandy Gooch’s home.

      Richard Cervantes, Chair of the Emergency Preparedness is traveling, so Bill Boyd, our neighborhood Cert trained expert, announced that the third and final Emergency Preparedness session of 2014 would be held on November 1, 2014.

     Eric Beane said that the next Kids’ Activity Event will be a guided tour of the Ballona Wetlands, led by Marcia Hanscom of the Ballona Institute, on December 6, 2014. He also said that he is working with Mike Bonin’s office about making the mini-park on Via Dolce, originally proposed by former City Councilperson Bill Rosendahl, a kid-friendly play area for children. Homeowner Bill Boyd and Fred Karlsen have also been working with Eric on this project.

        The next regular SSMHOA Board meeting will take place on December 8, 2014 at 7:30pm at 4103 Roma Court. Agenda to be announced.


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One Response to Highlights of the regular SSMHOA Board Meeting, October 20, 2014

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks to all of you who commit your time and efforts on behalf of our neighborhood ! Special thanks to Fred for the years of dedication to making our community a closer one as all of you do everyday. I’m sure I speak for many that all of the activities (museum visits, bike rides, children library, emergency prep, mall parties, annual community party, etc.) and caring (landscaping, security, block captains, political involvement, email updates, etc.) has fostered a love for not just our physical location of our neighborhood, but also a love for one another. When people see other people give back to others, they want to give back too, participate, and recognize what a special group of leaders we have. (Endless thanks to Nora who put her heart and enthusiasm out there for all of us to follow. We love you Nora for bringing our neighborhood not just back to life, bur one that thrives !)
    A proud neighbor.

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