Urgent Request re the Oxford Basin Lagoon on Admiralty Way: Tree cutting and Monarch Butterflies

This just in  from Marcia Hanscom of the Ballona Institute
We’ve now got a double emergency at Oxford Lagoon today.   Nature gave us a sunny day, which we are grateful for – but that means the contractor hired by the County of LA is out at the lagoon – with workers fanning out with ladders & chainsaws. If they are not stopped today, the expectation is 40-50 of the 650 trees we’ve all been working to save will be cut down and killed.
At the same time, we’ve now documented the Eucalyptus trees in the project site to be autumnal & winter roosts for the Monarch Butterfly.  This is NEW INFORMATION that the CA Dept of Fish & Wildlife did not take into account when issuing the County a permit. It is likely – had they known – this work might not have been allowed to proceed at this time of year, if at all, because of this butterfly species being on the state’s list of “Species of Special Concern.”
Here’s a photo naturalist Jonathan Coffin took this week!
Please call state Senator Ben Allen and State Assemblymember Autumn Burke TODAY and ask that they contact the Dept of Fish & Wildlife to a) STOP the work immediately – which they have the authority to do for the butterflies – and to b) send a biologist to a meeting we have scheduled with the county dept of public works on the topic of Oxford Lagoon on Monday at 10:30 am!
Call now!
Senator Ben Allen tel:(310) 318-6994
Assemblymember Autumn Burke tel:(310) 412-6400

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