Report on Regular SSMHOA Board Meeting December 8, 2014


The 2104-15  SSMHOA Board of Directors, left to right: Joseph Nesane, Richard Cervantes (Secretary), Patty Schnegg, Fred Karlsen (President), Mary-Dorothy Line (Treasurer), Eric Beane, Gary Garland, Nora Nicosia and Sandy Gooch.

Sandy Gooch (Chair of the Landscaping Committee) reported that the winter annuals have been planted on all Malls. She continues to walk the Malls and mini-Malls with contractor Ray Garcia on a regular basis.

Joseph Nesane (Chair of the Street Committee) will work with homeowner, Michael Greenberg, on developing a protocol on resolving issues on sidewalks in the common areas.

Patty Schnegg (Chair of Security) reported that no security incidents had been reported since the last meeting.

Eric Beane (Chair of the Kids’ Group Committee)  said that the  tour of the Ballona Wetlands has been rescheduled to January, 2o15 depending on the availability of a docent from the Ballona Institute. He also reported that discussion continues with City officials about the mini-park on Via Dolce, however there is still a $40,000 shortfall between what the City is willing to put up to create the park and the additional cost of providing play equipment for kids.

Richard Cervantes (Chair of the Emergency Preparedness Committee) reported that he, Bill Boyd and Dr. David Eisenman continue to work together on a form to be completed by homeowners and furnished to the Committee in the event of a catastrophe so they and the Block Captains can be of assistance. Block Captains have already been furnished with and trained in the use of walkie-talkies in case of such an emergency. The Committee held three well-attended educational sessions for residents in 2015 hosted by Penny Akashi, Nora Nicosia and Jennifer Manoogian. The meetings were organized by Nora Nicosia, Chair of the Block Captain Committee.

Richard Cervantes (Chair of Ballona Lagoon Path Maintenance Committee) said that work on the path, previously approved by the Board, is scheduled to begin in January, 2015. The work will include changing the steps on the Outrigger mini-Mall and maintenance on the path between Outrigger and Topsail Malls.

Gary Garland (Chair of the Government Action Committee) reported that Fred Karlsen had sent a letter to Los Angeles Council member, Mike Bonin, about the proposed sewer line along Via Marina and homeowner’s concerns about the impact on the trees and landscaping on the Marquesas Way gateway triangle to the Silver Strand. He also said that he has met with the Chairman of the Venice Neighborhood Council about the issue.

The Board has decided to tentatively schedule future regular meetings on the 2nd Monday of every other month, starting in February, 2015.

The next regular meeting will take place on February 9 at 7:30pm. Location and Agenda to be announced.


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One Response to Report on Regular SSMHOA Board Meeting December 8, 2014

  1. Daryl says:

    To all, Happy Happy, Merry Merry and good Tidings for the New Year! Your work boggles the mind and raises the spirits, including those of the lost trees and vegetation!
    Amusingly, I received one of the FEW “Notices of Public Hearing” from the City (I live at Marina Harbor, on County property) re: the Venice Dual Force Main Project that is to be held 1/21/2015 at the Westchester Senior Citizen Center, 8740 Lincoln Blvd., 90045 at 6:30 pm. The intent is to discuss the impact on the PdR portion of the project. Marina residents should attend as well, since our voices receive little hearing here. (Don’t know if this is the same sewer system project Gary will be meeting about, but it raises yet another concern: How many times can the same street – on fill – withstand before it’s completely destabilized and increasing the risks to structures, and natural disasters? I count 3 instances wherein the street will be excavated. An example of such destabilization may be found with the condos next to the 90 fwy extension, which first demonstrated stress fractures, then plumbing failure). Interesting that the County typically excludes notifying renters – the largest County population – of the important plans for MdR and which should command their voice. I continue to support the notion of appealing the approved structural developments and have shared the name of the 2013 “Super Lawyer’s” name whose successes from Hollywood to Brentwood include forcing developers to reduce structural heights retroactively. Moreover, I continue to question the legality of the BOS slinking off to a different county (San Diego) to make a decision that has the most impact on the Marina. Shaving off a fews stories from the Shores or Esprit couldn’t be more satisfying. But then, I’m quite unforgiving about certain things – like the impact on peoples’ lives.
    Stay well!

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