Attention Boaters: The Marina del Rey Boat Central Project is up for a public hearing by the California Coast Commission at the Santa Monica Civic Center

Jon Nahhas of the Boater’s Coalition has sent us the following information regarding this Los Angeles County project:

Better Boat Central photo- the Log


Rendering of the proposed 75 foot high Boat Central Dry-Stack Storage Project for 345 boats on Basin H at Fiji Way. There will be an 82 foot high crane. The project will extend out over the water by approximately 97  feet. The height and massing of the structure will create a very imposing view when seen from Admiralty Way that is totally out of character with the existing low-rise architecture of Fiji Way.  Photo Courtesy: The Log

The Marina del Rey Boat Central Project  is scheduled for a Public Hearing before the California Coastal Commission Meeting at 9am this coming Friday, January 9th, 2015 at the Santa Monica Civic Center.  This project has evaded a “true” public process.  Please consider some of the consequences (not in order of significance):

 1)  MdR Design Control Board (citizen oversight) power revoked due to this project

2)  DCB Chair (MdR resident) resigns over this project

3)  Impacts to wildlife in State protected Ballona Wetlands

4)  Impacts use of MdR Public Boat Launch Ramp

5)  Degrades water quality

6)  Sets precedent of building over limited water space in the harbor (very significant)

7)  Extremely expensive and on public land (majority of County residents will not have access to this facility)

8)  Walling off of the harbor and significant blockage of sunlight/wind/views

9)  Noise levels very high

10)  Takes away the only FREE parking in Marina del Rey (directly adjacent to the bike path). 

 Please try to attend the hearing and have your voice heard.  If you cannot attend, please contact Coastal Commission Staff at:

Jack Ainsworth, Deputy Executive Director (South Coast Office):

For more information on this project see:

MDR Boat Central Los Angeles County


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3 Responses to Attention Boaters: The Marina del Rey Boat Central Project is up for a public hearing by the California Coast Commission at the Santa Monica Civic Center

  1. Nora Nicosia says:

    Thank you Sandy.for alerting us……..Although I cannot attend the meeting I did send an email voicing opposition…..Nora Nicosia

  2. Daryl says:

    Sorry, me again. To reiterate the content of a months-old post pertaining to the 92 slips at Mariner’s Village: The State of California has deemed MdR to be the most toxic marina in the entire state – the entire state. Fault is mostly directed at copper bottom paint, but also includes increased PCBs, zinc, pesticides, DDT + others. MdR has 10 years to reduce the toxicity levels by 85%. Don’t know the slip status at Mariners, but this structure would only increase contamination from the boats it launches. Added to the pollution issue is all these projects occurring virtually simultaneously which can only result in greater contamination than is currently on record. Between air and water, the entire area is rapidly becoming dangerously toxic.

  3. Daryl says:

    OMG!!! Is this to say 1) the 5 story increased height limits pertain only to residential structures?; 2) doesn’t the Visioning Plan call for this area to be tourist-oriented, and therefore another violation of that plan?; 3) visually, this is offensive and all residents of the apartments (Tahiti Marina, Esprit, Dophin, Marina Harbor, Mariner’s Village, Avalon at MdR) facing it will be subjected to a diminishment of what justifies their extremely high rent – a lovely view of the channel. Simply ghastly, and as a renter, think it’s time to leave, for no MdR resident has a voice – it’s been usurped by the greed of the County, Developers, and L.A. City.

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