Update to yesterday’s post: Here is what the Legacy Neptune Marina Apartments on Via Marina will look like


Above: Rendering Neptune Marina Apartments from corner of Via Marina and Marquesas Way.  The project extends down Via Marina to  parcel 49U (the site of the  proposed Marriott hotels. Below: layout of the complex. Courtesy TCA Architects.

Neptune Marina plan

   The architects originally proposed a complex in the “Art Deco” style (1920s-30s) but now say that it will be in the “mid-Century Modern” style, i.e. 1950s-60s, because that is the period when Marina del Rey was built. The only part of the design that appears to refer to that style is the “V” shape at the corner shown above. The rest of the project is standard contemporary commercial. The structures will block views of the harbor from Via Marina, an officially designated scenic drive, with the exception of the required sliver “view corridor” at the southern end of the parcel. It will also block views of the harbor from Via Marina on Parcel FF originally slated to be an open space/ public park. TCA is also the architect of the AMLI apartment complex just to the north of the Neptune on Via Marina which will be designed in the manner of a “boat house.”  When combined with the nearby Shores complex executed in the “Giant Cruise Ship” it looks like Via Marina is headed towards becoming an architectural theme park. Given that Los Angeles is known for being home to more than a dozen major architects who have made major contributions to the field, the Los Angeles County Board of “Visionaries” seem bent on promoting an ersatz and decidedly unoriginal approach to new construction in the Marina.


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4 Responses to Update to yesterday’s post: Here is what the Legacy Neptune Marina Apartments on Via Marina will look like

  1. retamoser says:

    Good Story. Good writing. How can I replicate it in the Venice Update giving you full credit for sure. I tried copy and paste but that didn’t work. I do an email and a web version. See veniceupdate.com


  2. Jess says:

    Santa Monica gets Frank Gehry and MDR gets the Neptune? Ugh!

  3. Dan Gottlieb says:

    It is clear from the picture that there is no view corridor whose width is at least 20% of the water frontage as required by law. There does not even seem to be the substandard view Corridors cited in the Appeal at the Coastal Commission by the CCC staff and also by the County Counsels in their Findings.

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