Oxford Basin Lagoon is the Cover Story in this Week’s Argonaut

The Argonaut Newspaper has made the Oxford Basin its cover story this week:


To read the article go to to: http://argonautnews.com/

And make sure to read the comments



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3 Responses to Oxford Basin Lagoon is the Cover Story in this Week’s Argonaut

  1. Daryl says:

    The last two posts, written around bedtime obviously contain a few typos and omitted words, for which I apologize. The most important correction is that Curbed LA has extensive readership, many of whom may share our values and amplify the pressure we exert on the appropriate representatives and bodies. We can all spell “Venice”, and the other sentence requiring correction should read: “…going door-to-door inquiring how residents would like to see Venice Blvd. ravaged.”

  2. Daryl says:

    Now that the City and County are slowly “leaking” their pre-approved projects to the public, the increased response to their actions has been quite noticeable. Therefore, I suggest everyone subscribe to “Curbed LA”, an online newsletter that runs articles on the of events in major L.A. neighborhoods. No new info re: MdR has appeared since the notification that MdR has been designated the most polluted marina in CA, and has 10 years to reduce that pollution by 85%. and an article depicting the ludicrous “visioning plan”. There’s an abundance of info to share with them since those articles and, hopefully, increase support in overturning the ill-advised decisions.

  3. Daryl says:

    The fellow writing about the misuse of public funds with police and sheriff cars lining Washington Blvd was exactly right. We should be protesting every construction project in a similar manner and honking as we pass. More noteworthy are the last two Argonauts discussing the efforts of Bonin and Garcetti “going door-to-door” inquiring how residents would like to Venic Blvd (Mar Vista) ravaged. Unfortunate that courtesy was not extended to us. Of greater concern the Venice Blvd. will necessarily be a detour option for MdR residents, so to even consider beginning the Mar Vista project until they’ve completed Marinaland, only demonstrates the magnitude of their stupidity. Then again, Bonin was re-elected by this area – so his supporters are getting what they asked for. Garcetti should be recalled; he can’t hack up the entire city of L.A. fast enough, which, naturally affects MdR.

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