Crime Alert: One Break-in and One Trespasser in the Silver Strand, Marina del Rey, February 2015

Topsail Mall

On February 18, 2015, an intruder broke into a home on Topsail Mall at 12:33 pm. The homeowners’ security cameras may have  caught the break-in. The intruder broke a small glass window pane next to the front door to gain entry into the house.  Once the intruder entered, the homeowners’ loud alarm system went off and scared the intruder enough that he/she decided to find an exit other than the front door. He/she then proceeded upstairs to the second-floor office and opened the door assuming it was an exit. On finding that it wasn’t, the intruder backtracked downstairs and exited through the front door.  Nothing was taken and the homeowner was not at home at the time.

Roma Court

On February 12, 2015 just after 3:00 pm, a transient entered a home in the 4800 Block of Roma Court, between Quarterdeck and Reef Mall, through an open door.   The nanny was inside of the home. She confronted the subject and began screaming.  Subject then fled the home and was seen leaving on a his bicycle.  Subject was described as a M/H or possibly Mid Easterner, wearing dirty clothing.   Security arrived  just a few minutes after receiving the call and conducted a full sweep of the area.  Security was unable to located the subject. The  Nanny said she was going to notify the Los Angeles Police.

While these occurrences are rare within SSMHOA homes thanks to our 24/7  armed patrol service,  we recommend that you use your alarm system both when you leave the house and at night and during the day when you are home. And, of course, keep your garage door closed and first-floor doors and windows locked.


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One Response to Crime Alert: One Break-in and One Trespasser in the Silver Strand, Marina del Rey, February 2015

  1. Susan Davidson says:

    Thank you so much for alerting us to this information. We always have to stay diligent for our safety, even in the Silver Strand.

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