Call for help on the Little Free Library on Outrigger and Roma Court in the Silver Strand, Marina del Rey

Ethan Beane

The Little Free Library in the Silver Strand is one of many throughout Los Angeles and the nation. However, it is the only one south of Washington Boulevard serving Venice and Marina del Rey. The library is managed by Eric Beane, SSMHOA Board member who chairs Kids’ Activities in the Silver Strand. The library is dedicated to providing books and CDs to children up to age 15.

The basic idea, working on the honor system, is that you “take one book and leave another.”  Eric reports that people are taking books, but not returning them and/or leaving replacements. In addition, people are leaving books that are not suitable for youngsters.

What you can do:

1) If you take a book, either replace it or return it.

2) Do not leave discarded  books by the likes of John Gresham, E.L.James (Fifty Shades of Grey),etc. If you need to dispose of this kind of material,  you can donate it either to the Lloyd Tabor Library on Admiralty Way or the Abbot Kinney Memorial Library on Venice Boulevard at Ocean (the latter holds frequent book sales and would be grateful for your donations).   Just books for young people PLEASE.

3) If you would just like to contribute books, but have none, you can purchase childrens’ books from the used book shelf at the Lloyd Tabor Library for $1.00 each.


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One Response to Call for help on the Little Free Library on Outrigger and Roma Court in the Silver Strand, Marina del Rey

  1. Nora Nicosia says:

    Thanks for posting this……….Last few times I was at Lloyd Taber Library in Marina, they did not have any children’s books……..Books in our Little Library are adult books which should be taken out………..Hope we get kid’s books……..Nora

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