Highlights of the Silver Strand Emergency Preparedness Session 4/18/15

EP 1
Bill Pope and Bill Boyd open the Educational Session on Emergency Preparedness
Twenty-two homeowners attended the SSMHOA Emergency Preparedness educational session on April 18, 2015 sponsored by the SSMHOA Emergency Preparedness Committee: SSMHOA Board Member Richard Cervantes (Chair) and Committee members, Bill Boyd (CERT), Block Captain Penny Akashi, Nora Nicosia, SSMHOA Board Member and Dr. David Eisenman.  The event was hosted by  SSMHOA Board Member, Gary Garland and Block Captain Beth Holden-Garland, who lent not only their home, but  their son, Jackson for demonstrating life-saving techniques in the event of any earthquake.
The meeting was led by two experts in community emergency preparedness: Bill Pope, Los Angeles Fire Department, Battalion 4, and a Certified Emergency Responder and Dr. David Eisenman, associate professor of medicine at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA and professor of public health at the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health. Dr. Eisenman is an expert in healthcare and community preparedness and the response to disasters, including natural disasters and bioterrorism. He is also the director of the UCLA Center for Public Health and Disasters at the Fielding School of Public Health, is currently researching increasing community resilience to disasters, improving risk communication messaging and vulnerable populations in disasters.
The meeting began with Bill Pope’s presentation of a video, “Surviving the Big One.” He then did a hands-on demonstration of how to save lives in the event of a catastrophe.
EP 2
Bill Pope demonstrates how to move a person with a spinal injury on volunteer Silver Strand homeowner, Dr. Edward Amorosi.
photo 3 Jackson
Bill Pope demonstrates “The Fireman’s Crawl,” a method of moving a person who is immobilized due to injury. The volunteer is Jackson Garland, Beth and Gary Garland’s son.
He also emphasized the following survival tips:
1) Be prepared to be without professional help for hours to days.
2) Be prepared to be without gas and electricity for days to weeks.
3) Have a food supply on hand for days to weeks.
4)Be prepared to be without clean running water for weeks to months.
Dr. Eisenman, made the final presentation. He reminded the group that it is important for us as a community to be able to rely on each other in times of emergency by offering our individual skills, tools and resources. To implement this, the SSMHOA Emergency Preparedness Committee is planning to form a resource survey for our neighborhood.
David EP
The Emergency Preparedness Committee plans to hold one more meeting this year, probably in the fall of 2015. We announce details in the blog.

With thanks to Penny Akashi and Beth Holden-Garland for photographs and Penny Akashi for this report.


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  1. Nora Nicosia says:

    Great report………….Thanks Sandy….and Penny for text and photos…….Nora Nicosia

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