The Argonaut newspaper hires William Hicks as a Columnist: Good news for the Venice Peninsula, the Silver Strand and Marina del Rey

The Argonaut newspaper has hired William Hicks as a columnist. Hicks, along with his wife Elise, is the author of Wings, The Journey Home:

The Hicks are environmentalists who have spoken out in public hearings about the the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors permitting and/or ignoring the destruction of trees and nesting sites by developers in Marina del Rey, specifically in regard to the “renovation” of the Oxford Basin on Admiralty Way and the lush urban paradise of Mariner’s Village on Via Marina.  Along with Marcia Hanscom and Roy Jan Vande Hoek of the Ballona Institute, the Hicks have worked hard to raise public awareness about the importance of Marina del Rey as an ecological habitat for many birds and also the endangered monarch butterfly.  In his first article for the paper Hicks shows himself to be a writer of fine intelligence with a reasoned point of view about what is happening in our neighborhood (he and his wife, Elise live in Marina del Rey).

In addition, read Bruce Russell’s comment on Hicks’ article:

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Resident of the Silver Strand, Marina del Rey, California
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3 Responses to The Argonaut newspaper hires William Hicks as a Columnist: Good news for the Venice Peninsula, the Silver Strand and Marina del Rey

  1. lets not forget what the county wants to do with Fishermans Village. Right now water and electrical use is low. If the county and developers get what they want with the new proposed redevelopment water use and electrical use (something that will affect the Wetlands flora and fauna) will increase astronomically. Plus they want to provide parking 1,500 – 2,000 cars. Fumes and pollution that will affect humans and the wetlands. Stop the redevelopment of Fishermans Village.

  2. Daryl says:

    Wish I’d been able to reply sooner – both Bill’s and Bruce’s articles were outstanding in the Argonaut, and congrats to Bill for his ongoing partnership with the paper. Curbed LA is looking for contributors, and Bill could both fill this void and bolster the wide interest in saving the Marina. Hope is checks into it, along with Bruce and Elise.
    Unrelated, yesterday’s news carried a report that MdR is the second (?) highest water user per capita in the State and must cut back by 36%. REALLY??????? Would that be while we’re adding countless rental and hotel units, and splashing away our water supply on construction sites. Their stats warrant investigation, but this ruling could be a means to halt construction that increases water use.

  3. Lynne Shapiro says:

    Yesterday’s LA Times had an article about wetlands close to water….building forbidden. I wonder if the County will observe this EPA ruling and drop plans to build

    A large hotel on Parcel 9U.


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