Urgent: On-line Petition Opposing the Marriott Hotels on Via Marina, Marina del Rey

A group of Marina del Rey residents have put up an online petition opposing Samuel Hardage’s proposed development of parcel 9U as a Marriott Courtyard Hotel and a Marriott Residence Inn. If you agree with the petition, go to:


The petition will close tonight, July 20.The results will be e-mailed to each of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors and submitted at the hearing on Wednesday, July 22, 2015 (see previous post on the meeting).

It takes 1 minute and other than name & e-mail address, other personal data is optional.  An e-mail confirmation is sent to the signer.  Please sign individually, instead of single entry per household.  Any resident of LA County can sign as the Board of Supervisors represent from all over and Marina del Rey was chartered as a public amenity for to the County.

Petition Background (Preamble):

No one denies better use can be made of this land. However, Marina del Rey is supposed to be a recreational area for the People. The County has a fiduciary duty to represent and protect the Public’s interests.

• The Marriott already has two hotels within walking distance. It is an economic concentration of interests to grant the same owner rights to build another hotel. This violates the 7th item in Exhibit C of the Assignment Standard for County Leases.

• Developer gerrymandered areas such as Crenshaw and areas in South LA 80 blocks south of USC to wrongfully claim EB-5 status. The Developer’s ‘Invest LA’ Exit Strategy which declares “After the hotel operation, the estimated NOI will be $9.18M annually, and after 5 years operation the hotel is projected to be valued at $131M. It is expected that after 5 years, the property can be sold or refinance to repay the EB-5 investors. If the loan is not fully repaid upon maturity, the loan will be converted into equity ownership interest in the form of equity stock based on the prevailing Loan Balance to prevailing Market Value at the maturity date.” Invest LA states the number of EB-5 investors will be up to 72. Developer stated he has right to re-assign a County lease. We believe this to be illegal.

• The Visioning Statement, on which the County spent a lot of money hiring consultants and a lot of time vetting, and this RPC approved last year highlights this area is in a Residential Zone. Although Parcel 9U was approved for hotel use years ago, this does not mean a hotel is the appropriate use. The current Visioning Statement concludes this is a Residential Zone.

• Developer touts offering ‘public’ amenities such as paddle board rentals. The Community already has a number of places that provide these services. Also, note the Developer’s valet parking will be profiting from ‘public’ use of amenities; not County parking lots.

• Developer touts providing water taxi shelter. This is NOT a new amenity for the Community. There already exists a water bus on Tahiti near Via Marina, as well as another on this basin further down Marquesas.

• Variance No. 200600012 should not be granted to allow zero set-backs. Hearing Notice cites zero set-backs for the waterfront pedestrian promenade. However renderings also indicate there will no longer be sidewalk along west side of Via Marina. It is unrealistic to think pedestrians zig-zag to boardwalk where sidewalk along Via Marina disappears. The Visioning Statement which the County spent a lot of money, time and this RPC approved last year highlights the need for pedestrian mobility. More people walking along Via Marina, for example to the increasingly successful Farmers Market.

• Visioning Statement says building massing should a like a bowl and step down around the water. Proposed hotel is stepping up compared to neighboring buildings Also the proposed 5 & 6-stories becomes 6 & 7-stories when including elevator shafts and cooling tower screens.

• Via Marina is designated as a “scenic drive”. In order to make an arriving southbound turn into their main entrance, the median and all historic coral trees along the length of their frontage on Via Marina will be destroyed.


In accordance with the Marina del Rey Visioning Statement, we, the undersigned, call for a ‘no’ vote to:

– Not grant a lease for the last open space in MDR to Developer with a track record of litigation with other municipalities and Unions.

– Not grant Coastal Development Permit No. 200600007 for a 5- & 6-floor hotel which really is a 6- & 7-story structure;

– Not grant Variance No. 200600012 authorizing zero set-backs of public-accessible land.

To sign the Petition go to:http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/no-hotel-on-parcel-9u.html


About The Silver Strand News

Resident of the Silver Strand, Marina del Rey, California
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3 Responses to Urgent: On-line Petition Opposing the Marriott Hotels on Via Marina, Marina del Rey

  1. Cynthia Whitham says:

    Thank you. Was 149th signer.

  2. Daryl says:

    Many thanks to Silver Strand News and all involved in drafting this petition and assuming the County’s responsibility of notifying the public of critical development events in the area. At what point can the County be held in breach of its duty to notify affected parties of these developments? In my view, this continued failure is representative of a Board and City Councilpeople whose intent is keeping the public at large uninformed to further their own agendas. I, and others, signed the petition, but our signatures are hardly representative of what could have been a major public backlash and could be easily dismissed as “minimal objection”. I beg to differ. MdR needs a Hollywood-type attorney such as Mr. Silverstein to go on the offense and reverse decisions, including, but not limited to, increased height limitations in the area which were decided in the cloak of secrecy OUTSIDE of LA County for the sole purpose of isolating the impacted population.
    Well, many thanks for hearing me out. Every bit of bad news here just pushes that button!

  3. Bethany Gorfine says:

    Sandra: If you are able to tell folks to not complain about traffic, views, etc., that would be great. Supervisors don’t care about that. Focus on the important issues below. our Go after their responsibilities to protect us. The County has a fiduciary duty to represent and protect the Public’s interests. Thx!

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