Photos of the Silver Strand Art Group Tour Art on the LA Metro July 29, 2015

Block Captains Nora Nicosia, Marilee Karlsen, Clarissa Cervantes and Angela Durrant organized a very successful tour of some of the art adorning the LA Metro System. 15 SSMHOA homeowners attended the event. The tour was docented and members learned a lot about using the system, the art at each station and the history of Los Angeles. Marilee Karlsen reports that along the way they noticed a gas station with a sign of gas  at $4.15–$4.35 a gallon—emphasizing our community’s need for metro. She also says that at the LATTC station they were astounded to see the new apartment structure that hugged the side of the metro tracks.  The docent told us it was so popular that there is a long waiting list.  Really changing the LA style! She added that many in the group felt they had left Los Angeles and were touring another city – as if they were on vacation. Angela points out that, according to the docent, the medium for much of the art along the route is clay which is long-lasting and weather and graffiti resistant.


The tour began at the La Cienega/Jefferson Station which offers free parking. Why is it that some of the best views of L.A. are from parking structures and now the Metro?


The Metro train, which will take them to Union Station, arrives


All Aboard! The Silver Strand Art Group begins riding the rails.

At the beginning of the tour, the group saw a panoramic work showing the history of Los Angeles. The pieces shown below are a few segments of the art work.


The arrival of the Spanish in California in the 16th Century


The movie business comes to town circa 1912


The devastation caused by the failure of the St. Francis Dam in 1928. The dam, near Santa Clarita, was part of the L.A. aqueduct. The disaster ruined the career of William Mulholland, L.A. aqueduct pioneer.


Los Angeles Trade-Technical College: Flower Street Station with photographs of a chef and a construction worker. One part of a series at the station.


And a reversal of art shown above


The tour ends at the magnificent Union Station. Here the group is standing in the lobby. The tour celebrated this unique experience by enjoying lunch at Traxx in Union Station.

Since 1989, the LA Metro system has commissioned over 250 artists, some very famous,  to provide art for the Metro Stations. To learn more:
If you would like to just go on your own, you can type “Art Guide-Metro” which has a map of the system and the art shown at each station.
With special thanks to Marilee Karlsen, Clarissa Cervantes and Angela Durrant for reports on the event. And, as always, thanks to Marilee and Clarissa for their photography.

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