Photos of Mast/Northstar mini-Block Party, August 2, 2015

   Mast/Northstar Malls and adjacent Roma Court held their 3rd annual mini-Block party on August 2. The luncheon event was co-hosted by Block Captains Mark L Walker (Northstar Mall) and Jennifer Manoogian and Sandra Starr (Mast Mall). We were expecting a low turn out since August is a vacation month, but about 36 people including children arrived in the course of the afternoon. So many that we were short on chairs, but not on food or drink.

   Special thanks for the success of the day are due to our “core team.” Mark Walker brought the pinata for the kids, and the best decorations we’ve ever had. Suzi and Michael Greenberg, Jackie Rappaport, Bob and Lynn Tobias, Erica Murray, Sandra Starr and Don and Brenda Kronsberg provided tables and chairs. Even before guests arrived with their contributions, the serving table groaned with appetizers, entrees, salads and desserts provided by Jennifer Manoogian, Erica Murray, Jackie Rappaport, Don and Brenda Kronsberg, Sandra and Harrison Starr and Vinnie and Linda Petrosino. There was also plenty of wine, iced tea and water, not to mention Cindy Carlin’s wonderful Margaritas. The latter got the party off to a very jolly start, a mood which continued throughout the afternoon. With special thanks to all with helping with the set up and break-down, no small task, and in particular to Bob Tobias, Jennifer Manoogian and Erica Murray for doing much of the heavy lifting requiring dollies and reaching behind buried stuff in  contributors’ garages. The Tobias’ win the prize for the most well-organized garage.


The “Groaning” Table

The Greenberg's adorable Latte got himself a spare-rib bone.

The Greenberg’s adorable Latte enjoying a spare-rib bone.


Bob Tobias, Bonnie Blumenkrantz, Suzi and Michael Greenberg and Lynn Tobias enjoying lunch.

IMG_2501Harrison Starr, Erica Murray and Bijou


Block Captain Beth Holden-Garland, SSMHOA Board Member and Block Captain, Mark L Walker

IMG_2491Vanessa Walker and son, Adriano Walker player Lakers’ game

IMG_2505Mark Walker manning the pinata as son Adriano takes a whack at it. Avalon and Jackson Garland wait their turn.

Cindy Carlin, Chair of the ad hoc mini-Block Party Committee

Cindy Carlin, Chair of the ad hoc mini-Block Party Committee and Erica Murray

IMG_2498Dick Manoogian and Linda and Vinnie Petrosino

Last photoMichael Greenberg, Brenda and Don Kronsberg, Block Captain Mark L. Walker and Robert Davies


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