Report on Regular SSMHOA meeting August 10, 2015.

Report on Regular SSMHOA meeting August 10, 2015


Brian Wald, representing homeowners on Topsail Mall, appealed to the Board to take action on homes in SSMHOA which are not occupied by the owner and advertised  on both VRBO and Airbnb for  short-term rentals, some for as little as a day or two.  He stated that the renters  are noisy, inconsiderate, messy and a hazard to the quality of our neighborhood. He reported that he had attended a meeting with Venice leaders, who are very angry about this situation and the fact that the Los Angeles City Council is not taking action as has the government  in Santa Monica.

[Editor’s note: Mike Bonin, who represents our neighborhood, and Herb Wesson, City of Los Angeles Council Members proposed legislation in June, 2015 to regulate short-term rentals in the City which would include the Silver Strand. See:

Fred Karlsen, President of SSMHOA, replied that the  Board could not act on this issue as it is not included in the SSMHOA CC &Rs.  He recommended that individual  homeowners  participate in fighting this virus. Nora  Nicosia suggested that concerned homeowners form a committee with government outreach  to remedy the situation. Brian Wald and Harry Lederman have volunteered to meet with City officials to discuss the problem.

AD HOC ANNUAL BLOCK PARTY COMMITTEE: Chair Jennifer Manoogian gave a report on the upcoming Silver Strand Neighborhood Party to take place on September 12, 2015. She talked about  the great entertainment, food and fun that  sponsors Peter and Ty Bergman of Bergman Beach Properties will have on hand. The Bergmans are also planning a raffle to benefit Hooves and Paws, a non-profit, no-kill shelter that rescues abandoned, abused and unwanted animals of all kinds, from dogs and cats to horses and llamas.  If anyone would like to donate a prize for the raffle, leave a comment below and we will put you in touch with Jennifer to tell you what kinds of donations they are looking for. She will also be glad to pick up your donation.

LANDSCAPE COMMITTEE: Chair Sandy Gooch Lederman said that the SSMHOA water bill is 40% lower than last year at this time although plants are stressed due to heat and water conservation efforts.

SECURITY COMMITTEE: Chair Patti Schnegg said that no problems have been reported in the last 2 months.

BLOCK CAPTAINS COMMITTEE: Chair Nora Nicosia reported that  Mast/Northstar and Adjacent Roma Court mini-party was held on August 2. Fred said that he attended and found the parties fun and  successful. Nora also reported that she had held the first  Silver Strand Film Club meeting and members who signed up really enjoyed the evening. The club is planning to meet every second month of the year. The club membership  is currently full at 12 members, however if you would like  to be put on the waiting list or start another Film Club in the Silver Strand, Nora is willing to help. Leave a comment below if you are interested.

STREET COMMITTEE: Chair Joseph Nesane was absent. Fred Karlsen will meet with Garland Development [no relation to Board Member Gary Garland] to discuss remaining repairs.

KIDS ACTIVITY GROUP: Chair Eric Beane said that there is now a sign on the Little Library box stating that it only accepts books for kids under the age of sixteen. He reported that the plexiglas panels of the box had been vandalized and are being replaced.

EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS: Chair Richard Cervantes reported that following  publication in the Silver Strand News and Bali Management emails to homeowners, over 70 homeowners have filled out the on-line survey. If you haven’t done so already, you can complete the survey here:

GOVERNMENT ACTION: Chair Gary Garland talked about the problems of the proposed two Marriott hotels (County) and approved auxiliary sewer line on Via Marina(City of Los Angeles) and the actions that homeowners are taking.

ANNUAL HOMEOWNERS MEETING: October 8, 2015, details to be announced.

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2 Responses to Report on Regular SSMHOA meeting August 10, 2015.

  1. Nora Nicosia says:

    Silver Strand Film Club meets monthly………………Nora Nicosia

  2. Steve T says:

    As usual, thank you for your informative updates. That said, I have two comments:

    1) Brian Wald represents himself, not the entire mall. To imply otherwise simply isn’t accurate.

    2) Was the word “virus” actually used Mr. Karlsen, or is that the writer’s opinion?

    Thank you.


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