Public Services

Los Angeles City Fire Department (Emergency dial 911): Residents on the Silver Strand Malls should make sure to give them the address on the Court behind their house as that’s the fastest and easiest way for fire trucks and ambulances to reach you.

Non-Emergency: (213) 978-3800

Los Angeles Police Department (Emergency dial 911): See note above. We are in the Venice Beach District, Pacific Division, Front Desk (310) 482-6334. Senior Lead Officer- Peggy Thusing, Cell Phone 310 622-3968

Non-Emergency Information:(1-877-275-5273)

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (800) 342-5397; POWER OUTAGES (800) 821-5279

Neighborhood Crime Statistics:The Los Angeles Police Department is providing the Los Angeles Times with crime reports for each neighborhood in the city:

To view crime reports for the Silver Strand:

To view crime reports for adjacent Marina del Rey:

Southern California Gas Company (800) 427-2200

Parking Enforcement: DOT (213) 485-4184

Abandoned Vehicles DOT (800) 222-6366

City of Los Angeles Services: dial 311

Street Lighting: dial 311

Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety:

Graffiti Removal: Take photographs of the graffiti on discovery and report to the LAPD. Go to to request removal.

Department of Beaches and Harbors: Santos H Kreimann, Director:

California Coastal Commission:

4 Responses to Public Services

  1. Can you provide me with the HOA Management company information

  2. Moe Levy says:

    The unfinished building on Roma Ct. is very unsitely and unsafe. I have had to look at it every day for 3 years. It has got to be a detrement to our land values. Is there anything that can be done about it?

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