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Mike Bonin/Herb Wesson Motion on Short-term rentals to be considered by the Planning & Use Management Committee of the City of Los Angeles Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Apologies for late notice, but we just received this

When: Tuesday, August 25, 2015. Meeting begins at 2:30pm

Where: City Hall, Hearing Room 350
200 North Spring Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Motion: Bonin:Wesson Motion jpg

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Report on Regular SSMHOA meeting August 10, 2015.

Report on Regular SSMHOA meeting August 10, 2015


Brian Wald, representing homeowners on Topsail Mall, appealed to the Board to take action on homes in SSMHOA which are not occupied by the owner and advertised  on both VRBO and Airbnb for  short-term rentals, some for as little as a day or two.  He stated that the renters  are noisy, inconsiderate, messy and a hazard to the quality of our neighborhood. He reported that he had attended a meeting with Venice leaders, who are very angry about this situation and the fact that the Los Angeles City Council is not taking action as has the government  in Santa Monica.

[Editor’s note: Mike Bonin, who represents our neighborhood, and Herb Wesson, City of Los Angeles Council Members proposed legislation in June, 2015 to regulate short-term rentals in the City which would include the Silver Strand. See:http://www.11thdistrict.com/bonin_and_wesson_propose_common_sense_regulations_for_short_term_rentals_in_la.%5D

Fred Karlsen, President of SSMHOA, replied that the  Board could not act on this issue as it is not included in the SSMHOA CC &Rs.  He recommended that individual  homeowners  participate in fighting this virus. Nora  Nicosia suggested that concerned homeowners form a committee with government outreach  to remedy the situation. Brian Wald and Harry Lederman have volunteered to meet with City officials to discuss the problem.

AD HOC ANNUAL BLOCK PARTY COMMITTEE: Chair Jennifer Manoogian gave a report on the upcoming Silver Strand Neighborhood Party to take place on September 12, 2015. She talked about  the great entertainment, food and fun that  sponsors Peter and Ty Bergman of Bergman Beach Properties will have on hand. The Bergmans are also planning a raffle to benefit Hooves and Paws, a non-profit, no-kill shelter that rescues abandoned, abused and unwanted animals of all kinds, from dogs and cats to horses and llamas.  If anyone would like to donate a prize for the raffle, leave a comment below and we will put you in touch with Jennifer to tell you what kinds of donations they are looking for. She will also be glad to pick up your donation.

LANDSCAPE COMMITTEE: Chair Sandy Gooch Lederman said that the SSMHOA water bill is 40% lower than last year at this time although plants are stressed due to heat and water conservation efforts.

SECURITY COMMITTEE: Chair Patti Schnegg said that no problems have been reported in the last 2 months.

BLOCK CAPTAINS COMMITTEE: Chair Nora Nicosia reported that  Mast/Northstar and Adjacent Roma Court mini-party was held on August 2. Fred said that he attended and found the parties fun and  successful. Nora also reported that she had held the first  Silver Strand Film Club meeting and members who signed up really enjoyed the evening. The club is planning to meet every second month of the year. The club membership  is currently full at 12 members, however if you would like  to be put on the waiting list or start another Film Club in the Silver Strand, Nora is willing to help. Leave a comment below if you are interested.

STREET COMMITTEE: Chair Joseph Nesane was absent. Fred Karlsen will meet with Garland Development [no relation to Board Member Gary Garland] to discuss remaining repairs.

KIDS ACTIVITY GROUP: Chair Eric Beane said that there is now a sign on the Little Library box stating that it only accepts books for kids under the age of sixteen. He reported that the plexiglas panels of the box had been vandalized and are being replaced.

EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS: Chair Richard Cervantes reported that following  publication in the Silver Strand News and Bali Management emails to homeowners, over 70 homeowners have filled out the on-line survey. If you haven’t done so already, you can complete the survey here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Re0wAZWy5aYlk3NZKR3AS-CL3XlaGZqCFQhs92NO-mE/viewform?c=0&w=1

GOVERNMENT ACTION: Chair Gary Garland talked about the problems of the proposed two Marriott hotels (County) and approved auxiliary sewer line on Via Marina(City of Los Angeles) and the actions that homeowners are taking.

ANNUAL HOMEOWNERS MEETING: October 8, 2015, details to be announced.

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Problem with rats on the Silver Strand: We need everyone’s cooperation on this problem

Several homeowners on the Silver Strand report that they are having problems with rat infestations. Here’s what you need to know and do:

1. Why we have this problem: We live near water, i.e. the Ballona Lagoon and the Grand Canal, and that’s their habitat. We are not alone. People living in or close  to the Venice Canals and other places near water have the the same problem. The only rat-free zone in the world is Antarctica.

2. What they’re after: Food. They love birdseed, whether sprinkled on the ground or in outdoor bird feeders by well-meaning folks,  any kind of pet food and dirty barbecue grills. Packaged dry food, for birds, pets and humans should be put in airtight containers if stored in your garage.

3. Their modus operandi: There’s a reason they’ve been on the planet since the beginning of time, along with ants, mice and cockroaches.  They are clever and opportunistic.  They can climb up and down gutters and cable wires, squeeze under gaps in your garage door, enter through open and unscreened first-floor doors or windows to get into your home.

What you can do:

  1. See items 2 and 3 and take care of them.
  2. Buy traps and set them out. You can purchase them at Home Depot or Amazon. Cost is between $25-$35 each.
  3. We urge everyone to take action against these intruders. Unless all homeowners  do so, the problem will only continue and escalate.
  4. Thanks for your cooperation.
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Save the date: Fifth Annual Silver Strand Neighborhood Party, Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Fifth Annual Silver Strand Block Party will take place on Saturday, September 12, 2015, from 1:00 to 5:00pm, on Quarterdeck Mall and adjacent Roma Court. Peter Bergman and son Ty of Bergman Beach Properties are sponsoring the party for the third year running. This, along with Halloween on Roma Court, is the most popular annual event on the Silver Strand. Come one and come all and bring your children, grandchildren, friends and pets. Good food, good music, good kid activities  and big fun guaranteed.

 The event was initiated by Nora Nicosia, SSMHOA Board member and Block Captain Committee Chair, in 2010. Jennifer Manoogian, Chair of of the SSMHOA ad hoc Annual Block Party for the last five years, is working with the Bergmans on the details. The party has been hugely successful and provided a great way for neighbors to get to know each other and have a good time.

The theme this year is “Las Vegas Fun.”  There will be a Jumpy House,  Balloon Man, Vegas Cabaret acts, Casino Style Gambling, music, dancing and great food. In addition, there will be a dessert contest (make your favorite).  So, men, women and children of the Silver Strand, put on your aprons, get out your rolling pins,  heat up the oven and bring your entry to win a prize.

Annual 2015 Flyer for blog

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Photos of Mast/Northstar mini-Block Party, August 2, 2015

   Mast/Northstar Malls and adjacent Roma Court held their 3rd annual mini-Block party on August 2. The luncheon event was co-hosted by Block Captains Mark L Walker (Northstar Mall) and Jennifer Manoogian and Sandra Starr (Mast Mall). We were expecting a low turn out since August is a vacation month, but about 36 people including children arrived in the course of the afternoon. So many that we were short on chairs, but not on food or drink.

   Special thanks for the success of the day are due to our “core team.” Mark Walker brought the pinata for the kids, and the best decorations we’ve ever had. Suzi and Michael Greenberg, Jackie Rappaport, Bob and Lynn Tobias, Erica Murray, Sandra Starr and Don and Brenda Kronsberg provided tables and chairs. Even before guests arrived with their contributions, the serving table groaned with appetizers, entrees, salads and desserts provided by Jennifer Manoogian, Erica Murray, Jackie Rappaport, Don and Brenda Kronsberg, Sandra and Harrison Starr and Vinnie and Linda Petrosino. There was also plenty of wine, iced tea and water, not to mention Cindy Carlin’s wonderful Margaritas. The latter got the party off to a very jolly start, a mood which continued throughout the afternoon. With special thanks to all with helping with the set up and break-down, no small task, and in particular to Bob Tobias, Jennifer Manoogian and Erica Murray for doing much of the heavy lifting requiring dollies and reaching behind buried stuff in  contributors’ garages. The Tobias’ win the prize for the most well-organized garage.


The “Groaning” Table

The Greenberg's adorable Latte got himself a spare-rib bone.

The Greenberg’s adorable Latte enjoying a spare-rib bone.


Bob Tobias, Bonnie Blumenkrantz, Suzi and Michael Greenberg and Lynn Tobias enjoying lunch.

IMG_2501Harrison Starr, Erica Murray and Bijou


Block Captain Beth Holden-Garland, SSMHOA Board Member and Block Captain, Mark L Walker

IMG_2491Vanessa Walker and son, Adriano Walker player Lakers’ game

IMG_2505Mark Walker manning the pinata as son Adriano takes a whack at it. Avalon and Jackson Garland wait their turn.

Cindy Carlin, Chair of the ad hoc mini-Block Party Committee

Cindy Carlin, Chair of the ad hoc mini-Block Party Committee and Erica Murray

IMG_2498Dick Manoogian and Linda and Vinnie Petrosino

Last photoMichael Greenberg, Brenda and Don Kronsberg, Block Captain Mark L. Walker and Robert Davies

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Avalon and Jackson Garland raise big bucks on effort to stop Marriott hotels development on via Marina, Parcel 9u

   This is a very sweet story about the power of grass-roots movements to support a cause. Jackson and Avalon Garland, children of SSMHOA Board Member Gary Garland and Block Captain Beth Holden-Garland, initiated and put together a “fun raiser” consisting of  a lemonade stand with delicious  baked goods which they made the night before, a raffle, beautiful gift baskets,  jokes they thought up and healthy treats, including their grandparents’ home-grown peaches on Roma Court. In the space of few hours,they managed to raise $515.00  All proceeds were donated to the Ballona Institute’s “Save The Marina Marsh Meadow Fund” initiative to appeal the Department of Regional Planning’s decision to approve the hotels on July 22, 2015. Funds will support paying the costs of the appeal to the Los Angeles Board of Supervisors which will make the final decision on the project sometime later this year. The Garland kids’ efforts were one of the largest single donations to the fund to date. Considering that most of the items were in the $1-2 dollar range, the event was a huge success.

To make a tax-deductible contribution go to:


Jackson baking

Jackson making cookies the night before the event

Avalon and Cookies

Avalon and her batch of cookies

Gift Basket

Home-made gift baskets for the raffle

The Team

The Team: Gary Garland, Avalon and Jackson

People Buying

People begin arriving

People at the Stand

Marcia et

Marcia Hanscom of the Ballona Institute with Jackson and Avalon.

Avalon telling Joke

Avalon tells one of jokes she has sold: “What do you get when you cross a bear with a skunk?” Answer: “Winnie the Pooh.”

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Photos of the Silver Strand Art Group Tour Art on the LA Metro July 29, 2015

Block Captains Nora Nicosia, Marilee Karlsen, Clarissa Cervantes and Angela Durrant organized a very successful tour of some of the art adorning the LA Metro System. 15 SSMHOA homeowners attended the event. The tour was docented and members learned a lot about using the system, the art at each station and the history of Los Angeles. Marilee Karlsen reports that along the way they noticed a gas station with a sign of gas  at $4.15–$4.35 a gallon—emphasizing our community’s need for metro. She also says that at the LATTC station they were astounded to see the new apartment structure that hugged the side of the metro tracks.  The docent told us it was so popular that there is a long waiting list.  Really changing the LA style! She added that many in the group felt they had left Los Angeles and were touring another city – as if they were on vacation. Angela points out that, according to the docent, the medium for much of the art along the route is clay which is long-lasting and weather and graffiti resistant.


The tour began at the La Cienega/Jefferson Station which offers free parking. Why is it that some of the best views of L.A. are from parking structures and now the Metro?


The Metro train, which will take them to Union Station, arrives


All Aboard! The Silver Strand Art Group begins riding the rails.

At the beginning of the tour, the group saw a panoramic work showing the history of Los Angeles. The pieces shown below are a few segments of the art work.


The arrival of the Spanish in California in the 16th Century


The movie business comes to town circa 1912


The devastation caused by the failure of the St. Francis Dam in 1928. The dam, near Santa Clarita, was part of the L.A. aqueduct. The disaster ruined the career of William Mulholland, L.A. aqueduct pioneer.


Los Angeles Trade-Technical College: Flower Street Station with photographs of a chef and a construction worker. One part of a series at the station.


And a reversal of art shown above


The tour ends at the magnificent Union Station. Here the group is standing in the lobby. The tour celebrated this unique experience by enjoying lunch at Traxx in Union Station.

Since 1989, the LA Metro system has commissioned over 250 artists, some very famous,  to provide art for the Metro Stations. To learn more: http://www.metro.net/about/art/art-tours/
If you would like to just go on your own, you can type “Art Guide-Metro” which has a map of the system and the art shown at each station.
With special thanks to Marilee Karlsen, Clarissa Cervantes and Angela Durrant for reports on the event. And, as always, thanks to Marilee and Clarissa for their photography.
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