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Welcome to The Silver Strand News. We hope to keep all those who live in the Silver Strand in Marina del Rey, California, as well as those who simply appreciate the beauty of this area, up to date on neighborhood news and to encourage communication between those who interested in the area. You can sign up for an email subscription by entering your email address in the box on the upper right. You then will receive an email from  wordpress.com, our web host, asking you to confirm your subscription by clicking on “Confirm Follow.” Without this confirmation your subscription will not be activated.The Silver Strand News is an independent news source and all posts represent the opinion of the author.

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Upcoming mini-Block Party for Spinnaker/Topsail Malls & Adjacent Roma Court, 5/31/15

Originally posted on The Silver Strand News:

Topsail Flyer

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The Argonaut newspaper hires William Hicks as a Columnist: Good news for the Venice Peninsula, the Silver Strand and Marina del Rey

The Argonaut newspaper has hired William Hicks as a columnist. Hicks, along with his wife Elise, is the author of Wings, The Journey Home: http://www.amazon.com/Wings-Journey-Elizabeth-Emily-Hicks/dp/0615420710.

The Hicks are environmentalists who have spoken out in public hearings about the the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors permitting and/or ignoring the destruction of trees and nesting sites by developers in Marina del Rey, specifically in regard to the “renovation” of the Oxford Basin on Admiralty Way and the lush urban paradise of Mariner’s Village on Via Marina.  Along with Marcia Hanscom and Roy Jan Vande Hoek of the Ballona Institute, the Hicks have worked hard to raise public awareness about the importance of Marina del Rey as an ecological habitat for many birds and also the endangered monarch butterfly.  In his first article for the paper http://argonautnews.com/opinion-trouble-in-paradise/ Hicks shows himself to be a writer of fine intelligence with a reasoned point of view about what is happening in our neighborhood (he and his wife, Elise live in Marina del Rey).

In addition, read Bruce Russell’s comment on Hicks’ article:


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Addition to Silver Strand Cinco de Mayo Party, May 3, 2015

Block Captain Eileen Nugent was also a co-host of the party and helped Cindy with cleaning everything up and putting things away after the event. Our apologies to Eileen!

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Photos of the Silver Strand Cinco de Mayo mini-Block Party

photo 2

The Big Pinata for adults

The third annual Silver Strand Cinco de Mayo mini-Block Party, held on Ketch Mall on May 3, 2015 was hosted by Block Captains Cindy Carlin, Penny Akashi, Eileen Nugent, Beth Holden-Garland, Ann Murpha and Kris Ellenberg. The guests included  neighbors on Ketch and Lighthouse Malls, adjacent Roma Court and Via Dolce. This party was the kick-off event for the mini-Block parties in the Silver Strand, held throughout the summer, and as usual  it was a smashing success.

The Silver Strand social events, including the mini-Block parties and the Annual Silver Strand Block party, all initiated by Nora Nicosia, SSMHOA Board Member and Chair of the Block Captain Committee, have provided settings in which neighbors and their children can get to know each other. Silver Strand residents now realize that  real people live behind those closed garage doors and locked gates – people who are interesting and who may become friends, along with their children who might want to play together in a safe environment. One of the things that the parties have demonstrated is the change in demographics in the Silver Strand. While there are still many residents who have lived here since the 1980s when the Strand was first developed, we are now seeing an influx of younger folks with children.

Cindy reports that the pot-luck lunch included festive decorations, good margaritas and delicious food contributed by neighbors:

We were blessed with a beautiful sunny day.  Perhaps around 50 people stopped by during the course of the afternoon.  There was a pinata for the kids, and just for fun – another one for the adults.  Quite a few people took some hearty swings while blindfolded.  Of course, there was the usual scramble for the goodies that dropped out.

Below are photos of the event contributed by Penny Akashi, Dan Avila, Beth Holden-Garland, and Richard Holden.

photo 1

The Cinco de Mayo decor with a wonderful cut-out of a Mariachi musician on the left


The party starts, smaller pinata for kids at the left


Co-hosts of the Cinco de Mayo Party, Block Captains Penny Akashi left and Kris Ellenberg

photo 1

Left to right: Michael Greenberg, Cindy Carlin co-host of the party,  SSMHOA Board Member Sandy Gooch Lederman,  Harry Lederman and Joni, former owner of Joni’s Coffee Roasters Cafe on Washington Blvd in Marina del Rey,  still a favorite neighborhood hang-out for breakfast and lunch.


A young bandido


Kris Ellenberg takes a big whack at the big Pinata.


Penny Akashi keeps it up

Richard Holden

Richard Holden, Beth Holden-Garland’s Dad, goes for it

Adelaide Levens

Adelaide Levens gives it a try


Nora Nicosia, SSMHOA Board Member and  Founding Chair of the Silver Strand neighborhood parties (and much else)  gives it her all. Nora has just celebrated her 95th Birthday. Talk about aging gracefully! Happy Birthday to a “Silver Strand Neighborhood Treasure.”


Jackson Garland has a go.


The Final Whack is delivered by Jennifer Wierks, Beth Holden-Garland’s sister


To the victors go the spoils


Happy guests foreground. Block Captain Cindy Carlin and SSMHOA Board Member Gary Garland, background right


Joni, once again, with stars in her eyes

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Update on Richard Lylse’s Appeal on the Venice Dual Force Auxiliary Line on Via Marina.

As expected, the City of Los Angeles Water Board denied Silver Strand resident and lawyer Richard Lysle’s appeal  at a hearing on May 8, 2015. This is a “not in my back yard issue.” The County didn’t want it on Via Marina due to the fact that so many large apartment complexes that it has approved on Via Marina are either in progress or soon will be and will conflict with further construction on Via Marina. They litigated against the City and lost on appeal.  The City is worried about liability issues if the the current pipe line on the beach should fail. Despite years of City and County public hearings and litigation about the route, the bottom line is that, despite the fact that the evidence proves that Beach Route would be the shortest, least expensive and least disruptive route to residents, it would not receive approval from the California Coastal Commission most likely because, during the 20 months of construction, it would 1) possibly disturb the small, least tern nesting site 2) temporarily inconvenience visitors to beach between Hurricane and the Jetty, even though this is a lightly used portion of the beach.  Next stop is the Coastal Commission hearing, date to be announced.

Richard reports that:

The Board denied the appeal. Their reasons were that the project had been delayed too long and there was a danger that the existing sewer line could break, with disasterous consequences.  Secondarily, they said that they had received information communications from the Coastal Commission that the Coastal Commission would not approve the Beach Route.
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Upcoming Meeting on new Fisherman’s Village Redevelopment Plan, Marina del Rey, May 13, 2015

Travel Gourmet

Fisherman’s Village, Marina del Rey, 2015: Courtesy Travel Gourmet

The Los Angeles County Department of Beaches and Harbors will hold a public meeting to unveil a preliminary revised design for the redevelopment of Fisherman’s Village on Fiji Way in Marina del Rey  The developer is Gold Coast Village, LLC. The new architectural firm on the project is Studio One Eleven based in Long Beach.

Date: Wednesday, May 13, 2015 – Time: 10am – Location: Burton Chace Park Community Room, 13650 Mindanao Way, Marina del Rey

The proposal (see below) includes a 161-room hotel,  community room, restaurants, an educational center, retail and parking structure:

Fishermans Village Plan FAQ

Fisherman's Village 1

Fishermans Village 2

Fisherman's Village 3

Photos above are renderings: courtesy the Los Angeles County Department of Beaches and Harbors, Gold Coast Village, LLC and Studio One Eleven architects

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(Continued) Further Update on Richard Lyle’s Appeal on the Venice Dual Force Sewer Line on Via Marina

Originally posted on The Silver Strand News:

The Silver Strand News has now received the Agenda and the City Board of Public Works will hold a hearing on Richard Lyle’s Appeal tomorrow, May 8, 2015:



Consideration of an Appeal of City Engineer’s Approval of Coastal Development Permit 10-04 for the Venice Dual Force Main Project (W.O. SZC11631)

This is to notify you that a hearing before the Board of Public Works to consider this item will be held on Friday, May 8, 2015 at 10:00 a.m. The hearing will be held at City Hall, 200 North Spring Street, Room 350, Los Angeles, CA 90012. http://bpw.lacity.org/Agendas.html. If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Jan Green Rebstock at (213) 485-5761


The Agenda http://boe.lacity.org/dpw/ebreports/ states that the Board is recommending that  Richard Lyle’s appeal be denied. Below you can read the arguments the Board will be putting forth…

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